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The Solution

A New and Safer Facility

This 14,800 square foot addition will serve as the Guthrie County Law Enforcement Center (LEC). The facility is designed to include five classification units and four intake holding cells and includes a jail with 28 beds (with second bunk - 32 beds), jail services, jail administration, Sheriff's administration, patrol, and investigations. Other support spaces include interview rooms, evidence, records, storage, and a sally port. From a safety perspective the new facility design and surveillance technologies will enhance safety by providing more effective supervision, less potential incidental contact between inmates, staff and the public, and reduced inmate transfers.


The addition is located adjacent to the existing courthouse.

The Future

The facility is designed for long-term growth and offers ability to expand housing with additional capacity to add 16 beds.


This addition provides improved inmate capacity to address classification/segregation requirements and decrease the county's liability risk. It also improves inmate transfer costs, rehabilitation, safety conditions, and overall workflow efficiency. Lastly, safety productivity and administrative operations will improve due to reduced inmate transfer needs.

Projected savings is $2,169,000 over the next 30 years.

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