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Aging Facility


Code and Security Issues of Jail Built in 1963

911 Center/Dispatch area is not secure

Poor inmate flow presents increased risk to public, staff, and inmates

Design does not meet segregation requirements (gender, juvenile, violent/non-violent, partners, medical/behavioral health, etc.)

Facility is not code compliant (lighting, ADA, safety, etc.)

Poor ventilation, dripping pipes, and mildew throughout building

Aged plumbing and clogged piping/hot water issues

Water leaks/flooding

No grinder to prevent sewage issues when towels and clothes get flushed

Outdated cell doors are difficult to open (high risk during emergency)

Lack of secure spaces throughout building

No padded cells

No sally port

No kitchen - meals come from local hospital at $23 per day/per person. Meal delivery $6/per trip/3 times a day

No laundry - costs $2.50/person/per day

No areas for staff to hold confidential conversations with staff, witnesses, etc.

Lack of storage for evidence and retained jail records

Lack of space is not allowing inmates to do their time in jail per mittimus


Vote March 3, 2020
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