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Why can’t the current jail be renovated/expanded?

The existing facility, built in 1963, has outlasted its life span and it would be very costly to update to meet state codes and classification/segregation requirements. Renovating would require a major interior overhaul of the facility including structural, heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems.

What will happen with old jail?

The existing facility will most likely be used for evidence and administrative storage.

Why should we build better housing for inmates?

This isn't about building better housing for inmates. This is about providing a safer work environment for our staff, protection for the public, and liability protection for the County. Additionally, the County is responsible for the health and safety of jail inmates and must provide a safe and humane environment but it doesn't mean the jail should be overly comfortable. Inmate accommodations will be simple and meet state codes.

Who spends the most time in the jail?

It's the staff who manage the inmate population: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Will the new jail have enough room to house inmates from other Counties?

The new jail is first designed to meet the needs of the County. If capacity is available, beds could be rented to other counties as an additional source of revenue for Guthrie County. 

Can I get an absentee ballot?

You can learn more about absentee voting and get an absentee ballot request form on the "Voting" page of this website or visit


*Signed and completed absentee ballot request forms must be delivered to your county auditor.

I requested an absentee ballot - how long will it take to receive?

The first day the auditors office can mail absentee ballots is February 3, 2020. Upon receipt of the absentee ballot request, the auditors office will mail an absentee ballot to you no later than the next business day. Please note you can still submit your request form prior to February 3.

I need the absentee ballot sent to a location that is not my residential address - what should I do?

The post office can not forward absentee ballots. Therefore, you should list the address where you want the absentee ballot sent in the section of the request form - Where Your Absentee Ballot Should Be Mailed.

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